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Seattle to St. Louis

My dad flew in on a Saturday afternoon and we showed him the underground! There is a tour in downtown Seattle that takes place under the bustling streets. It is a pretty sweet tour from quite a different angle. You stroll through subterranean sidewalks, and see the submerged city!  Sunday we took him hiking at Mount Rainier National Park…

The Milky Way stretching from Mt. Rainier to Mt. St. Helens in Washington 6

Getting started with astrophotography

  There’s something awe-inspiring about being out in a dark landscape and gazing at stars trillions of miles away.  The nearest star aside from our sun is over 4 light years away, meaning the light...

The chalet in the Enchanted Valley in Olympic National Park, Washington. 1

Enchanted Valley

The Quinault region of the Olympic National Park is an enchanting area, so this hike does the name justice. With each mile the level of enchantment rises as you walk through lush forest and tall ferns, and past turquoise water. Toss in herds of elk and an iconic chalet built in 1930 set against a backdrop of mountains, you’ve got yourself a hell of a scene.

Carrying a log with Swede Hooks at Mt.Rainier National Park 0

WTA Trail Work Party

6:30am Saturday morning and we’re out the door heading to Mt.Rainier National Park for our first trail maintenance work party. We didn’t know what to expected but we were excited, plus it was National Trails Day, so we were doubly excited because it felt extra special. Our directions were: Drive under the Mt.Rainier sign…

Stars Clouds Light Trails Night Long Exposure Canon Beach Oregon Pacific Northwest 0

A break in the clouds

Over a long weekend in Oregon, Angelina and I spent some time in Portland with friends and then headed to the coast to check out Canon Beach. I never had any intention of getting...