Chicago to Seattle – Journey of 2000 miles

 Now that we’ve been living in Seattle for a whole 6 months (total amount of time Angelina lived in Chicago) we feel like we can better distinguish between the two, while trying to remain unbiased. If you are familiar with both, we lived in the Gold Coast, Chicago, and in Renton, Washington. We have experienced much less haste and more relaxed vibes in Washington – could be the abundance of nature… Let’s dive in!


Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline

Seattle Skyline

Seattle Skyline

  • 2.7 million (2013)
  • 0.9% population increase (24,948 ppl) (2010-2015)
  • Public transit everywhere/rarely used our vehicles day to day (only owned one vehicle)
  • Close to Iowa & Missouri (our home states)
  • 5 hour drive home
  • More distinct neighborhoods for different nationalities – Ukrainian village, etc.
  • Free Lincoln Park zoo
  • Averages 37.1 inches of snowfall
  • Very loyal team fans – most notably hockey
  • Traffic can be heavy, and you get to look at concrete and metal
  • 652,200 (2013)
  • 12.5% population increase (75,791 ppl) (2010-2015)
  • Limited rail system to suburbs
  • 5 hour flight home
  • No income tax
  • Billboards everywhere advertising legal marijuana
  • Lots of tents downtown, under bridges, etc.
  • Free museums first Thursday of each month
  • Averages 5 inches of snowfall
  • Very loyal team fans – most notably football
  • Traffic can be heavy, but there is pretty scenery to feast your eyeballs on
  • It doesn’t rain as much as people say, it’s all a myth 😜


Shawnee National Forest Illinois Garden of the Gods Greenery Blue Skies Midwest Cliffs

Ellusive Illinois Mountains – Shawnee National Forest

Mt. Rainier from Eagle Cliff National Park Washington Mountain Glaciers Pacific Northwest PNW

Mt. Rainier from Eagle Cliff

  • Highest elevation 1,235 ft.
  • Far drives to mediocre hikes
  • Surrounded by Lake Michigan and cornfields
  • Extreme heat in summer, bitter cold in winter
  • Averages 37.1 inches of snowfall
  • Highest elevation 14,411 ft.
  • 3 National Parks within 3 hours drive
  • Surrounded by the Puget Sound, Pacific, and mountains
  • Averages 53.4 ft of snow at Mt.Rainier


As we experience more in the Pacific Northwest we’re sure we’ll learn a new thing or two about the area, so this will be an ongoing comparison.  Let us know your thoughts about Chicago and Seattle, or wherever you’re from, we love hearing about new areas!

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  1. Granny Chick says:

    I’ve been to both and I’ll take Seattle any day over Chicago. Only regret is I didn’t go up in the space needle when I was there.

  1. April 27, 2017

    […] since mine pooped out. Shortly after we made the 2,000 mile journey from Chicago to Seattle (that post is insane) my baby SUV died. We found me a Ford Fiesta! We ate dinner at Whistle Stop Ale House, […]

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