A Tourist’s Weekend in Seattle

It’s funny how when a loved one visits you suddenly become a tourist in your own town. Nick and I usually spend our weekends among the pines, but this past weekend the Boulicault’s took on Seattle. We did lots of classic Seattle touristy things.

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

My parents arrived on Wednesday night and we immediately took them to our favorite brewery, Four Generals in downtown Renton. We ordered food from a nearby pub. We ate, drank, and planned our attack on the city. For real, my mom is a huge planner, and they wanted to fit everything they could into their 5 days here!

Thursday we drove over to Bainbridge Island, and we drove the bike route nick and I wrote about(which you can check outΒ here). We also checked out the Japanese American Exclusion memorial. I met a Japanese woman named Mori (who happened to be a double amputee). Her father had been taken in Oregon, and she traveled up to Bainbridge to see the memorial.

Japanese American Exclusion Memorial Bainbridge Island

Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

We ate BLTs at Hitchcock, and stopped at every bakery on main street. We took the ferry back, and my parents couldn’t get enough of the Seattle skyline view.

Seattle Skyline from Bainbridge Island Ferry

Seattle Skyline from Bainbridge Island Ferry

Once we arrived in downtown Seattle we hit up Pike’s Place Fish Market. The market men gave us samples of Alaskan King Crab, and we immediately purchased a pound of them. Then we got a recommendation on the Halibut cheeks. So after the guys embarrassed us yelling, “this family wants butt cheeks” we got a few of those as well. We hit up a veggie stand and got some to go with the seafood.

Pike's Place Fish Market

Pike’s Place Fish Market

Friday we headed over to Leavenworth. This was going to be the only sunny day of their visit so I wanted them to enjoy it in a beautiful mountain town. We basically relived Nick and I’s trip to Leavenworth.



Instead of driving back out of town the way we came in, we decided to go through Steven’s Pass. We of course stopped and took pictures at my favorite bridge, Tumwater Canyon Bridge. It was one of the most beautiful drives I’ve taken.

Saturday we spent the whole day walking through car lots. I have been looking for a car ever since mine pooped out. Shortly after we made the 2,000 mile journey from Chicago to Seattle (that post is insane)Β my baby SUV died. We found me a Ford Fiesta! We ate dinner at Whistle Stop Ale House, and headed back over to our favorite brewery in order to toast to my new ride. We even taught my dad how to play Exploding Kittens.

Sunday we drove down to Tacoma, and spent another day looking at cars. This time, we were walking around the American Car Museum. They had some classics in there. We drove over to Snoqualmie and had some Indian food at Ahaar Indian Eatery.

American Car Museum Tacoma

American Car Museum

Monday I had to work, but we had big dinner plans for after Nick and I got off. We all met downtown Seattle, and ate dinner in the Space needle. It was a great way to cap off the touristy visit with my parents.


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3 Responses

  1. Granny Chick says:

    Great pictures and narrating the trip. Your Mom & Dad were excited and were telling us all about it. They had a fantastic time with you and Nick. Congrats on finding a car. Now with wheels you can go to & from work or anywhere easier.
    Hugs & kisses to you.
    Grammy Chick

  2. Cindy moser says:

    Miss these people! Sounds like a fantastic trip…..libs and i should come visit this summer!

    • Angelina Boulicault says:

      It was a great trip πŸ™‚ You guys definitely should come out & summer is the best time!

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