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Seattle to St. Louis on Roadtrippers


My dad flew in on a Saturday afternoon and we showed him the underground! There is a tour in downtown Seattle that takes place under the bustling streets. It is a pretty sweet tour from quite a different angle. You stroll through subterranean sidewalks, and see the submerged city!  Sunday we took him hiking at Mount Rainier National Park. We hiked Glacier Basin Trail, an 8 mile in-and-out hike.

father daughter hiking

Monday morning my pops and I hit the open road. We were heading for Twin Falls, Idaho. We stayed near the Snake River Canyon, which is beautiful, especially this time of year with all of the fall colors. The Snake River cut through ancient basalt lava flows, forming this canyon that extends more than fifty miles and features two major waterfalls and countless springs.  There is a 10-mile, paved walking path along the South rim of the canyon with access points at the Twin Falls Visitor Center and Shoshone Falls.


Fall Colors Idaho

Snake River, ID

From there we headed up to Big Sky Country…Montana! We stayed in a lodge just outside of West Yellowstone. It was gorgeous. We headed into Yellowstone to do the Upper Loop drive but ran into road closures about halfway through. We had gone in the West Entrance and had an easy escape through the North Entrance. The road leading back to our lodge was in Paradise Valley, which is just breathtaking. If you are looking for a way around the park for whatever reason…take this road!

Grand Tetons, Wyoming, National Park

Grand Tetons

I had never been to Yellowstone before but had always thought of wildlife when the park came to mind. This is a very accurate representation of the park. Not even 5 minutes into the park we had to stop for about 20 bison that had taken over the road! They were in no rush & not afraid of us at all! They brushed right up against our car! We also saw tons of elk!

Yellowstone Bison, National Park, Wildlife, animal, yellowstone

Yellowstone Bison

The next day we were heading for Rawlins, Wyoming. In order to get there we “had” to do part of the Lower Loop in Yellowstone. This took us right by Old Faithful and the Grand Tetons. Geysers are crazy! Because of all the sulfur, they smell like rotten eggs Pewee!

Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Rawlins was nothing too spectacular, but it was our halfway point so we could drive into Breckenridge the next morning! Ever since I was little I have wanted to go to Colorado! I have finally made it! We hung out around downtown & walked into all of the cozy little shops. While walking back to our hotel room we spotted a fox! Yep, right in the middle of downtown Breckenridge!



The next morning we decided to hop on a train & ride through Georgetown, Colorado! The Georgetown Railroad Loop was about an hour long train ride through the mountains. It was their Oktoberfest so we got sausages & beer, too!

Georgetown Train

Georgetown Train

The rest of the ride is nothing to write home about because once you’ve passed Denver its mostly flyover states from there. We were supposed to stay in Hays, Kansas, but were just dying to get past the flat states. We ended up driving 900 miles on our last day all the way into St. Louis. I have always been close to my dad, but after 5 days in a Ford Fiesta I can safely say we became even closer. If you have the chance to see any one of these amazing places go see them! If you have a minute to take a drive with your parent do it.





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