Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Outdoors Gifts Under $20

Great gear doesn’t have to break the bank.  Look no further for the perfect stocking stuffer for the outdoor lover in your family! And don’t forget about yourself, sometimes you just have to treat yo self.  Here are our picks for great outdoors gifts under 20 bucks.

Trekology Camp Pillow

We’ve used a few different camp pillow, from basic compressible form to inflatable. Foam is comfortable but bulky, and inflatable is tiny and pretty darn comfortable. We’ve owned two Sea to Summit pillows, one is still going strong and the other sprung a leak. For that reason, we don’t recommend them and instead suggest Trekology pillows because it’s a third the price for what a very similar product.

Trekology inflatable camp pillow. Boundless Journey

Light, cheap, and comfortable

Snow Peak Titanium Spork

Never again will I buy a plastic camping spork…too many have broken while stirring a Mountain House meal.  Then again, I don’t think I’ll ever need to buy a new spork, this lightweight titanium spork is unbreakable.

Titanium Snow Peak spork in a bowl. Boundless Journey

Titanium crushes plastic


Nalgene water bottle

Not all water bottles are created equal.  Nalgene has a reputation for creating great products that last..unless you lose..which we’re guilty of.  They last forever, have a wide mouth opening making it easy to clean and fill, especially when filtering water.  Plus, they’re suitable for both warm and cold beverages.


Nick cooking lunch with camp gear everywhere. Boundless Journey

Nalgene makes a great bottle


Nite Ize S-Biner

You can never have enough carabiners, especially when hiking.  Having a few spares clipped to your pack at all times comes in handy.  Need to dry a shirt? Clip it to your pack with a carabiner.  Camp stove won’t fit in your bag? Clip it to your pack. Need to secure your car keys in your pack? Attach a carabiner and be worry free.


Nite Ize S-Biner attached to an F-stop camera backpack. Boundless Journey Photography

Carabiners solve everything


Sawyer Mini Water Filter

There are countless filter systems out there, none being perfect. Some are battery operated, some have lots of moving parts, and some are slow.  The Sawyer mini is a good comprise on size and speed, and it’s cheap.  There are no moving parts, so points of failure are low, with the bag being the most likely to fail, which is a cheap fix.

Sawyer Mini water filter. Boundless Journey

It’s a live saver…literally


Stanley Flask

The classic green Stanley flask is a throwback to your dad’s 30 year Stanley thermos that he’ll never stop using.  It’ll hold 8 ounces of your favorite beverage, which is really nice on a cold winter night, or just hanging out around the fire with friends.

Stanley 8 oz flask. Boundless Journey

Everybody loves the contents of a flask

Waterproof Notepad

For those that like to take notes while on a backpacking trip, these are for you.  The pad is completely waterproof so the paper won’t turn to mush when wet and the pages are tear resistant.  They’re small enough to stuff in a pack, too.

Rite in the Rain waterproof journal. Boundless Journey

The perfect journal for backpacking


Instant Coffee

I do love a french pressed coffee when out on the trail, but I usually don’t like the extra bulk and weight of the press or the fresh grounds. Instant coffee is my go to for trail coffee.  Just add hot water and you’re set.

Nescafe instant coffee. Boundless Journey

Quick, easy, and light

ExOfficio Underwear

These are by far our favorite underwear for hiking…and just in general. The extremely breathable moisture wicking antimicrobial material helps keeps you comfortable and feeling good.  On long backpacking trips, I’ve worn these for more days in a row than I should probably admit.  They air dry within hours so you can wash as you go and pack fewer pairs.


Pacific Northwest Photo Calendar

We couldn’t help putting in a shameless plug for our $15 landscape photo calendar.  It features 13 of our favorite landscape photos from adventures around Washington, Oregon, and Alberta.  It’s sure to inspire an outdoor adventure!Boundless Journey Photography 2018 landscape calendar.

Looking to get a little larger gift? Check out our gear list for gifts $20 and up.

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