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Nick and Angelina

Relief washes over us as the buildings turn to trees.  Feelings of being rushed and caught up in traffic are replaced by long hikes along cliffs and streams.  City lights and car horns fade into stargazing and stories around the campfire.

Boundless Journey is about outdoor endeavors to show that no matter where you live adventure is around you. We’re writing about backpacking, camping, biking, hiking and photography tips. Each post includes photos, trip stats, GPS routes, and other fun facts.

Although the main focus of this blog is to explore the outdoors, we still like to take part in simpler adventures. We enjoy exploring big cities and quaint towns playing the part of the tourist, but also digging deeper and seeing things that don’t make the top ten list!

Back in April 2016, when this started, it was our means to escape the city, push the boundaries and prove that there are other things to see in this world!  This is a step toward who we really want to be.  Nick has a passion for nature and landscape photography, and Angelina wants to write a book to share her life story. This blog helped us solidify who we really want to be, and encouraged us to make a big change to move from Chicago to Seattle, to be closer to the adventures we yearned for.

Join us on the journey!

Start off by checking out our hiking resource guide. If you want to check out more photos head over to Nick’s portfolio.



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