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What’s in my bag?

Ahh, the all important topic of what to pack. I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what they deem as a ‘necessity’ when out on the trail, for some it might...

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Waterfalls for Days

If you’re looking for a nice day hike or you’re in the mood to go chasin’ waterfalls, this is the place to go! Wallace Falls State Park is known for having 9 waterfalls in the park, the largest being 265 ft. Checkout the photos to get inspired!

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Hiking as an Amputee

First of all, I know most people I meet want to know, “Well, why are you an amputee”? I often come up with some crazy exciting story like shark attack while surfing, or fought off a bear on a hike, but the truth is…

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Poo Poo Point

Our holidays were jam packed fitting 3 states into 3 weeks. We landed in an ice storm in St. Louis, potty-trained a pup in Iowa, and….